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Sandy and Dave with Celebrity Photos
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Dave and Sandy with some musical friends
Miss Sandy O'Hara
Miss Armed Forces Pin-up
Sandy and a vet working on a mosaic together
Sandy exercising a little bed side manner
Sandy sharing some pool tips with a vet
Over the years Sandy has spent time with our military men to let them know their efforts and sacrifices were appreciated and not to be forgotten.   Probably part of the reason she was named Pin Up Girl of the Vietnam War.  Of course that hair, those legs, gorgeous eyes, and uumm other outstanding features  may have had a little to do with it too.   Not to mention her bed side manner and skills with a pool cue make her a G I's dream come true.
Sandy being honored by the service branches
Sandy being honored by the Marines
Sandy being named Ms. Armed Forces Pin Up
Sandy being named honorary Marine Recruiter of the year.
Sandy receiving her plaques for being named Ms. Armed Forces Pin-Up
Sandy being honored by all the service branches.