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DAVID HANSON, was literally born in the "proverbial show biz trunk". His grandfather, CARL STOWE was a noted character actor of the BROADWAY stage while his mother, before her marriage to David's father, was a showgirl, and toured for several years with GYPSY ROSE LEE'S lavish all girl revue. David's uncle, HARRY BLAKE played a number of motion picture roles opposite Jane Withers and appeared as James Cagney's piano player in "YANKEE DOODLE DANDY".
By-passing family tradition however, David had aspirations of playing  professional baseball and played several years at the Minor League level, first with the BOSTON RED SOX organization which was followed by a stint with the CINCINNATI REDS organization after being traded. David's baseball career was put on hold in 1950 as David volunteered for military service at the outbreak of the KOREAN WAR. In 1954, following four years of military service, David returned to baseball, closing out his baseball career playing in the semi pro MISSISSIPPI TRACE LEAGUE in 1958.
Finally following in his family footsteps, David began a radio and television career. He started as a combination Radio Announcer/DJ at a small station in Brighton, Colorado followed by radio stints in Denver, New York, Mississippi, Connecticut, Chicago and California before turning  to television as a booth announcer and finally news reporter. While working at  KTLA-TV in Los Angeles, the acting bug bit David and he enrolled in acting classes which soon landed him  some minor roles. He has since appeared in a number of MOTION PICTURES and on  TELEVISION as an ACTOR, generally playing the part of a COP or a HEAVY. At one point in his "show biz" career and because of his parachute training during his stint in the military, David was persuaded to try his hand as a MOVIE/TV STUNT MAN. In this area of "the business" he appeared most notably in the ZIV-TV series "RIPCORD". David has made a total of 1,184 PARACHUTE JUMPS including 47 military jumps, and is a licensed AIRPLANE PILOT. Always ready to try something new, David formed a musical group in 1962 which he titled "DAVE KING & THE ROYAL KNIGHTS", he being Dave King. The group experienced limited success with two semi hits on TEIA RECORDS, "THE BEATLE WALK" and "WALKING WITH DAVID" and opened for JERRY LEE LEWIS.
On the comedy side of his "show-biz" ledger, David first performed as a STAND-UP COMEDIAN, working steadily but not being artistically satisfied. Comedian/Producer RONNIE MASON convinced David to try his hand performing as a BURLESQUE STRAIGHT-MAN and broke him in as such. As David matured in the art form, he soon found himself equally at home as the STRAIGHT-MAN or COMIC within the wacky world of BURLESQUE COMEDY. He now performs as the TOP BANANA in "THE BEST OF BURLESQUE" as well as writing, producing and directing the show which he created in 1972.
David is also considered a seasoned motion picture and television WRITER/DIRECTOR. Among his credits, David has managed to show his versatility. For the "big screen" he directed and played a featured role as a police detective in the suspense thriller "THE TRANSPLANT" followed by directing and playing the lead role of private eye "GUNNER SLOAN" in the Mickey Spillane flavored detective mystery "THE GUNNER". For television he was retained by Jay Harvey Productions as the HEAD WRITER for the SHOWTIME CABLE TV special "TWO TOP BANANAS" which starred DON RICKLES, DON ADAMS,  SANDY O'HARA, CAROLE WAYNE, DORIT STEVENS, and MURRAY LANGSTON, the latter better known as "THE UNKNOWN COMIC". David not only performed writing duties for the show but was also  a FEATURED PERFORMER appearing as the STRAIGHT-MAN to the late comedic genius LOU ASCOL in the classic of classics, "WHO'S ON FIRST".
David has been happily married to SANDY O'HARA and has been her manager since she stepped out of the chorus-line as a Las Vegas headliner. He is an avid GOLFER, and enjoys a daily PHYSICAL EXERCISE regimen.