Here are a few pictures of Sandy and Dave doing some of their outrageously funny routines.    They have shared the stage with some of the comedy greats of our time .   Click on the pictures to pop up a larger image.
To watch some of the show on video click here to go to our YOUTUBE posting, courtesy of Michael Chirrick
David in The Golf Lesson
Dave doing the always hilarious Golf Lesson.
Comic Clarence Loos getting the long shaft from the stright man himself.
Dave doing the classic Who's on first.
 Dave alwyays the straight man swinging straight for comedienne Bob's Moak's head.   Dave still thinking he's playing Pro-Ball.       What a WACKO!
David and Bob Moak in Who's on First
Sandy in Bus Stop
Sandy in "The Pick Up" 
With that hair and those legs, no wonder.
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Dave and Sandy with some musical friends
David and Sandy in School Daze
Sandy and Dave doing their classic School Daze routine.
Looks like the Gander is getting Goosed
If only all teachers were uumm, you know what I mean.
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